Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Throne of Glass


Throne of Glass 
Sarah J. Mass

Rating                 5 Stars
Main Character: Celaena Sardothien
Personality: Strong Heroin 
SubCharacters: Chaol Westfall, Prince Dorian, Princess Nehemia 
Setting : Rifthold, Adarlan 
Genre: YA Fantasy/romance/adventure
Review:      This book was a great adventure to the very end. The setting is a place where magic has been wiped out of the land by an evil king. Celeana, an assassin against the king is now in a competition to become the champion/assassin for him in hope of obtaining freedom after four years of servitude. While at the Glass Castle she encounters an evil unlike anything she has ever know and  makes friends and finds romance along the way. 
     The book was a lot of fun. Starting at a slave camp going along the way with Celeana  in the adventure. Everyone is afraid of a girl and they very well should be. She is the deadliest assassin in the land! The secrets and mysteries she uncovers are beyond this imagination, but not over the top. The book has a very real element of a young girl but then you also see her deadly side. 
     I am a sucker for hate and then love. I think it gives it more depth and meaning. The author played this angle very well and not with one but with two relationships. 
      One aspect I was not expecting was all the emotions I went through with this book. I found that there were times where I was angry, sad, heartbroken. This book had everything I wanted and more with a YA Fantasy / Action book. 
Writing: engaging
Romance: Hate to love
Setting : Very creative and interesting
Action: Thrilling 

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